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Difficulty in measuring social, economic and cultural factors into mortality

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asked Nov 5, 2017 in BUS 3024S - Contingencies by anonymous

There are many difficulties in measuring mortality with respect to those dimensions. A test memo says the follownig:

1. It is difficult to record everyone's exact social, economic and cultural factors

2. If a death occurs, it is often difficult to ascribe the death to some specific factor because often it is unknown or there was a chain of events (in which many of the above factors played a role).

I fully understand what is meant by the above points. However, the memo mentions a 3rd point (which I require some clarity on):

3. (The main difficulties in measurements is) Relating within each axis of classification, deaths to the specific population at risk

1 Answer

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answered Nov 14, 2017 by Njabulo.Dube (2,950 points)

I presume this is referring to the issue of non-correspondence between deaths and exposure by socio-economic, etc., factors. Consider, for example, a miner who was forced to stop working as a miner then working as (and dying as) a salesman.