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Test question from firefox

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asked Jun 9 in Acsci Hotseat Help by Rowan (3,200 points)

this is a test quesion Tut12017.pdf (67 kb)

1 Answer

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answered Jun 9 by ChanceTheRapper (650 points)
selected Jun 9 by Rowan
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Hey Rowan

I see.

Idk what the issue is then because I emailed Njabulo telling him about this the day before we wrote Models so I kid you not its a recurring problem on Firefox and not only on my laptop.

Thanks for trying to fix it though.

commented Jun 9 by Rowan (3,200 points)

Well if you have time maybe come in to my office with your laptop and we can try see what the problem is. It could be a specific version of Firefox or a specific type of question.

If it happens again please let me know.