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This is from the 2020 BUS3024S Test 2 memo, which has appreviated headings - is it fine to use similar abbreviations in general to save time in an exam, or not? Thanks


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You can use these headings. I wouldn't though. Again, this is a guide for the markers and not a model answer for students. Write clear headings and write all your workings too. Here you can see they left the workings out and many students lost potential working marks because they wrote their answer this way.

So be clear with your headings. I suggest writing it all out but I don't think you will be marked down for using these headings. Just make 100% sure you write your workings (and don't just write answers like this) in an efficient way so that if something goes wrong, it's easy to be awarding working marks.

I suggest writing your workings by having a small numbers next to the headings and writing a general formula of how you calculated each one of those headings values. Shows clearly what you did, and whether your error was one where you put it into your calculator wrong or just didn't know how to calculate this column. Either way, it's much clearer what you did and shows your understanding of how you do these calculations.