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I'm doing question 3c and am struggling to work out the tP45^(HS) value for the integral of A^(HSD).

I have attached my workings for the probability. Can you please help me to see where I am wrong or explain how they got tP45^(HS) to equal 3/5(e^(-0.005t) - e^(-0.001t))Test 2 Quedtion 3c.pdf (0,3 MB)

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Hi, just a note: the answer should be 3/5(e^(-0.005t)-e^(-0.01t)).

For your tP45^HS calculation you need to take into account staying in the S state until time t. So basically what this probability is doing is saying that you start off in H state, you make a transition to the S state at time s and then stay in S state until time t. So you just need to include the holding time in the Sick state until time t. Attached are the workings. 

Scanned Documents (2).pdf (91 kb)

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Thanks so much!