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As a first year actuarial science student, i have been registered to do a computer science programme (CSC1015), whilst most of my colleagues in the actuarial science field are doing (CSC1017). This has raised my concerns to an extent that i am even considering switching between the two proggrammes. i would love to know if there is really a difference between the two prgrammes, and if so which one is usually, mostly preferred for Actuarial Science students?

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There is a difference in the two courses. The recommended course for Actuarial Science students is CSC1017 (Computer Engineering). The course you are currently registered for CSC1015 (Computer Science) is a more in depth course, though I'm not sure to what extent. This course is needed for those who intend to continue with Computer Science courses at a later stage.

I recommend you speak to a student advisor (the lecturers in the department). Their consultation times are on their doors, or you can email to schedule an appointment.

Be aware that the last day to add a first semester course is 15 February (tomorrow).