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As an actuarial science student I have to take differential equations in MAM2000W. I am also considering doing MAM3000W next year but I will need to do Introductory Calculus and will not be able to take Differential Equations as a module. Will I be able to take Introductory Algebra to do MAM3000W without it affecting my actuarial science studies in the future?

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It's best that seek advice from a student advisor (i.e. one of the lecturers in the Department). There consultation times are on their door otherwise you can email them and set up a meeting time. They will be able to properly advise you regarding this question.

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I did DE as a module in second year and when I took MAM3000W we were allowed to take IA as a third year module. Check whether the Maths department still allows this and it may be a viable strategy.